The Christian Women Network, is a network that inspires Women to discover their gifts and talents, help build their network, walk in power, and become wealthy women on purpose.

Business Of The Month

YulyCakes is the family owned bakery divison of Yuly and Company founded by Yualanda King in Riviera Beach, Florida in July, 2011. After years of baking for family and friends Yualanda, with the loving support of her husband and family...Read more

Featured Businesses

For 15 years, the Center for Enterprise Opportunity (CEO) has provided light and hope to the “un-bankable” by providing loans totaling $ 9,858,781 which financed over 350 business enterprises. This assistance helped these businesses to... Read more

Tips On How To Be Successful

Give God your first fruit offering(tithe) God honors always honors the first.

Practice using your failures or pain as a motivator.

Plan your life. Heaven is prepared place for a prepared people. God has made...Read more